About Us:

Our Goal

We are AKC family companion breeders, and support no other. We love what we do, and we are all about our dogs. We've been surrounded by dogs for our entire lives and learning everything we can about them. Our goal is to find loving family homes for all of our puppies. We do not provide puppies for breeding purposes what so ever, and ask that all of our puppies be spayed and neutered before age 1.

We now offer Doggy Sittin' Services! Visit our "Services" page for more details.

What they need:
We believe every dog/puppy deserves a loving family, and proper care. Our goal is to find family friendly environments for all of our canines.

What they eat:
We feed all of our puppies human grade dog food, without byproducts and corn fillers.

How they're raised:
Our dogs are raised in our home with us every day. Our puppies are handled from birth, are socialized daily with our family, and other animals.